The following books and magazines will give you more information on the Alaskan Malamute and the fast-growing sport of recreational sledding.

ISBN numbers (International Standard Book Number) are listed unless the book is privately published.

  • "Your Alaskan Malamute", Diane Ross
    ISBN 0-87714-047-2
  • "The Complete Alaskan Malamute", Maxwell Riddle and Eva Seeley
    ISBN 0-87605-009-7 (This book is out of print now)
  • "The New Complete Alaskan Malamute", Maxwell Riddle and Beth J. Harris
    ISBN 0-87605-008-9
  • "Novice Sled Dog Training", Lee and Mel Fishback
    No ISBN number
  • "Training Lead Dogs", Lee Fishback
    No ISBN number
  • "A Fan's Guide to the Iditarod", Mary H. Hood
    ISBN 0-931866-85-5
  • "Skijor With Your Dog", Carol Kraynor and Mari Hoe-Raitto
    ISBN 0-9630854-0-9
  • "A Guide To Backpacking With Your Dog", Charlene G. LaBelle
    ISBN 0-931866-59-6
  • "Mush", Bella Leverson
    ISBN 0-914124-06-4
    (Currently out of print but should be available later this summer)
  • "The Joy of Running Sleddogs", Noel Flanders
    ISBN 0-931866-39-1
  • "Dog Driver", Mikki and Julie Collins
    ISBN 0-931866-48-0)
  • "Mushing Magazine", e-mail at (alternately
  • "Signs of Winning", Scott Miller
    Contact Scott at for your autographed copy

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