A Pictorial History of Coat Funk

The following series of pictures were made available to the web page by club members Bill and Joyce Lowinski. The pictures represent a pictorial case history of the development of coat funk in one of their dogs, Kona. Click on the thumbnails to see the larger picture.

Thank you, Bill and Joyce, for sharing these pictures with us!

October 1989 - normal coat
no sign of coat funk
Age = 23 months
June 1990 - first color change
Note color change on rear leg
Age = 2½ years
Sept 1990 - more color change
Entire coat appears rusty
Age = 2 years 22 months
May 1991 - drastic color change
Entire body much lighter, rusty in color
Age = 3½ years
1993 - three pictures
Fully developed coat funk
Age = 5½ years

Linda Dowdy
Bethel, Minnesota
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